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Visual Matrix AKA Rose Act The Prestige

(Gimmick and Online Instructions)



Číslo produktu: 1516
bežná cena 550,00 EUR
cena bez DPH : 304,17 EUR
cena s DPH (20 %):
365,00 EUR

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Len pre vážneho záujemcu, ktorí chce skutočne ohúriť.
Jediný originálny kus skladom za túto výnimočnú cenu!

V zlatej farbe s inštruktážnym videom cca 2 hodiny, Všetko v anglickom jazyku

Rekvizia na princípe Black Flap.


In 2019, Will released his signature act and one of the most iconic magic acts in our time; The Rose Act.
It first premiered on AGT in 2017 and the viral growth of his segment was equivalent to 12 years of magic on AGT combined. It was a historical moment for Will and for magic.

The first batch sold out in a matter of days and after waiting for 6 months, we finally have it back in stock.

As many of you may know, SansMinds Magic's focus is transitioning to TV and tour production and not so much in product production. This could be the last batch until years later.

What's even more exciting this time is that the Prestige edition is finally here.

While the working surface maintains the same, a more luxurious frame has been selected for your performances.

The overall size of the Prestige edition is 15% bigger and 8% heavier compared to the Gold and Silver edition. 76cm x 60cm x 4cm in dimension and 8 kg in weight. Perfect for your stage performance and your high-end clients.

This is not just an act. It's a piece of history you can own, collect, and perform. Again, only a limited quantity.

This is the only magic act in AGT history to get 40 million views in 40 hours.

Now, you can be a part of magic history.

We will not have enough for everyone and it is not meant to be for everyone.

Who is this for?
  • If you are serious about the art of magic.
  • If you are serious about owning a piece of history.
  • If you are serious about learning all the thinking that goes into the Rose Act.
  • If you are serious about using this act to learn and inspire yourself to create a masterpiece for yourself.
Again, this is strictly for those who are committed to learn and be a part of magic history.

TV, social media, and recording rights not included. Only live performances are permitted.

Any damage from customer use WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED as a return.
Customers MUST watch instructions and FAQ.  Limited amount of units.
Not intended to be used in close up situations. Doing so can compromise the gimmick.
Frame is: 28" x 21"
Rose Petals are provided. Rose and coins are not included. Coins do not need to be magnetic.


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